Monday, 15 December 2014


After a long silence we look to the future.

The Old Medicine House
3rd December 2014

3rd December 2014 was the 10th anniversary of the founding of The Blackden Trust.

In October 2014 Alan Garner turned 80.   
10 years and 80 years: 10-80
We shall be celebrating this serendipitous conjunction in 2015.   10-80 will be a special season of funding and fun.  We shall be fund-raising for our planned future expansion and having fun to mark the combined anniversaries.  There will be some one-off activities and some goods in the shop that will be unique to the season.  We shall also add extra features to our established events. 
One of the special activities is a competition in two parts.  The first part is to identify 10 photographs of objects in The Blackden Trust’s collections and displays.  These will appear once a month on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  All the answers can be found in the display cabinets at The Old Medicine House.  
Here is a taster.


What can it be?

The second part of the competition is to identify the location of 8 photographs of a place; one place for each decade of Alan Garner’s life.  Each place is associated with one of his novels.  The challenge is to match the place to the novel. These photographs will appear once a month, starting in January 2015, when we shall be giving details of how to enter the competition.
The prize will be a signed copy of one of Alan Garner’s books.   And there are not many of those about!


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